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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

American singer, songwriter, dancer, philanthropist

Known as the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson is regarded as an American legend and musical icon. His impact on dance was just as prevailing. In 1993, the famous pop star received a patent for a shoe that creates an anti-gravity illusion as seen in his 1988 music video, “Smooth Criminal.”

With the use of his patented shoes, Jackson was able to introduce a new dance trick to the stage, the anti-gravity lean. Even with the shoes, a strong core would be required to achieve the move of keeping his body straight while leaning forward at about 45 degrees.

His ability to push boundaries and take risks inspired future artists like Beyonce, Chris Brown, and Usher. His achievements helped break racial barriers in popular music in the United States and his influence paved the way for new fashion trends and helped raise awareness for social issues around the globe.