The National Business League

Founded by Dr. Booker T. Washington – August 23, 1900

Booker T. Washington Trade Association

Committed to breaking “the chains of financial bondage” in the pan-African community, CRYSTAL L. GUNN is a fiscal strategist whose female-focused economic organization has transformed lives throughout the Midwest. She is founder and CEO of the Amazing Woman Network, a nonprofit with a stated goal of “reclaiming personal power through mind, body and spirit.” In her leadership role, Gunn advises clients on how to forge advantageous social relationships and amass wealth over a broad spectrum of investments and strategies, including home ownership, estates/inheritances, entrepreneurship and more. Her people-first business approach is summated in a quote by Black baseball legend, Jackie Robinson: “A life is not important except on the impact it has on other lives.”

Gunn holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Michigan State University. A member of Delta Sigma Theta Sortie, Inc., she launched her career over 20 years ago, beginning with a stint in mortgage banking and management, later branching out into speaking, authoring, coaching and activism. She is the creator of the online financial planning courses Becoming Financially FLAWLESS and Amazing Woman Entrepreneur. She hosts the financial talk show, Crystal-Clear Conversations. Now, as Chairman of the Booker T. Washington Trade Association, Ms. Gunn relishes the opportunity to further empower Black businesses through impassioned advocacy.